In Wolf there is a male child who could be 5 or 6 with his knees up as he sleds down a hill. It is actually an identical image of our son when he was six in a winter coat his grandma Ida had given him. I have the original poto. In the upper left hand corner is a B-52 fighter jet. The war in Iraq had begun and those jets were already over there. Now in the center you will see a large face of a wolf. George's Uncle had changed his name to Running Wolf a year before he died. I have several Christmas cards from him that always had Native American scenes on them. He was with me a lot in spirit at the time. To the right is an image of George, his mother and his two siblings taken in the early 1950's. It looks like an image from a a negative. It was one of very few photos in their family and had been water damaged. We believe his brother who had also passed a year before this photo had been taken wanted George to have it.