Spirit Journey Photography is offering to edit your photos to see what appears in them! If you have one that has a shadow, a ray of light, an orb, unfamiliar person, animal or a streak of sunlight that is extraordinary it may be a UFO or other wordly be-ings! Here is the process:

1. Send us a copy of a photo thru email or cell.
2. If a light starts to appear in it we know it may have a story to tell as images also appear!
3. We are available for interviews and events!

Go to for more details. Credit cards accepted on our Pay Pal Account. Remember this is for entertainment purposes only. Spiritually-Speaking Photography is fascinating and now you can enjoy this exploration as much as we have with your own personal photo!

Spirit Photos come in all colors, shapes and sizes from all states of Be-ingness with many messages.

Spirit photos come in all colors, shapes and sizes from all states of Be-ingness with many messages. This one is quite interesting with colors, nose, chin, hair and figures that become clearer as the days go on. Notice the bubble-like elements in it? Should I edit thru the simple filter feature in the cell (the least expensive cell phone imaginable (lol) renewed monthly -- no contract)... the eyes, watery liquid elements or anything else you see would produce 30 more photos an element. They are vibrantly, mystically & mysteriously alive.

I 'see' at least 30 more right now and if I edit what I see there would be 100 plus from this one photo alone because as I edit more appear. 'The Other Side" is here and now. 'The Veil' is more transparent than ever. They have stories to tell about their transitions, where they come from, how they live, how they may have died (transitioned), why they are incarnating or choosing not to. Many of their stories are in the photo as they show you themselves.

Eternal life is not a vague form of neutral existence. People have jobs to do, they have close ties to one another, some are on missions ...the ones who come thru to me want to be seen, they make themselves visible. Why? Perhaps so human beings would live differently than they have been living? Perhaps to say that murder is absurd since the soul lives and there are other ways to express values, to determine the value of oneself in relation to their life and others in general without violence? Dictators often project their own fear of mortality onto others to satiate their struggle with the inevitablity of their own death/transition. They attempt to satiate their addiction to dominate, to control the masses and human rights remains a battle for others born into this paradigm.

Descarnates are here to show us they 'know' what is going on. At least one aspect of their message is accompanied by a request that while incarnate we also know what's going on and that we hear them, feel them and see them because we are all connected. And even death while it displaces us, while it means we can no longer live vicariously thru the energy of the departed they are present. It is up to us to adapt to their presence. What keeps you apart is the belief that they are not in-sync with you. Free will often defines us.

It is the ultimate gift. The interior life matters no matter what forms of oppression we bear.

They ask that we re-consider grief & its power over us our faith and its power over us; renew our confidence in ourselves and others and its power over us. Take comfort in these harrowing times that life is changing and so are we.

A Woman in a White Gown


We are certainly going thru it arenít we? So here is a bit of an experience for you: There are two gentlmen facing the back wall in the photo. To the right of the one on the right is a tubular shaped vehicle and a very tiny woman at the bottom of it who is facing us.

In the center of the photo is a Black woman in a white gown who is getting her hair done!

There are others in the photo and yet I have not edited them all as the colors themself, the images, the people are stunning as is.

Ready or not, like it or not we each move from one life to the other. It is an inveitable part of our passage. It is also one of extreme certainty in a lifetime in which so much can seem up for grabs! And yet the masses remain in conflict with one another. The pandemic is being dealt with harmoniously while how it came to Ďappearí is being held to question: Is it a chemically engineered pandemic or not? Is it providential or not? Will it change how we live our lives afterwards or not? One fact remains outstanding: We are afraid of dying. The admissions of faith, the proclamations of beliefs that might exude courage and even fearlessness right now is missing. Human nature & divine nature are often at odds with one another, arenít they?

In the coming months I will write more about this subject but for now Iíd like you to look at this photo. Notice how busy everyone in it is. Look at the energy in that vehicle, the way one travels when their soul has been released from their phyiscal body. Look at the ethereal body of each person deeply engaged in what they are doing. It is fascinating. Does it fill you with wonder? Does it frighten you or reassure you? Maybe it resonnates since it is your soul home as we are reminded that we are in our body but not of it, right?

The presence of so many in all of the photos is a gift to humanity. For myself, it suggests we serve the world with dignity, pay attention to the details you may otherwise be taking for granted, breathe deep, remain whole. Get some rest because when you cross over you may be busier than you have been on this plane of consciousness for quite some time. Allow your mind to wander, to wonder, remember and imagine when you will be there again. Loved ones are a thought away. They are in the walk you took from one room to the other ... the music you played ... when they died you thought they left you but in truth they stayed. When you die you think you will be going yet you may simply be traveling. So feel your loved ones in the walk you take from one room to the other. We all fear change and the unknown and yet there is evidence all around us that death is not quite so simple to understand, our bodies are like a coat we leave at the door when we go since death is not quite an ending but a walk into one part of an even grander more mysterious beginning.




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