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The 'astral body' of a man in an overcoat walking

A Light beingomaA LiA Light being and a woman Ibeing and a woman I


A scribe over a corpse 2019

A soldier III brighter background

Astral Trevelors 2019

ET 2019 7

Fight white supremacy poster


Heart I

ISpirits Walking 2019 1

IVisitors 2019

Light Be-ings Traveling 2019

Light Finger Two

Lighter hand w nailpolish & face with eye open II

Man Leaning Back Face II

My eye 12

Smith Bldg Appearance 2018

Spirit Appearance looking at us 2019

Stunning Woman and Symbols 2019

Woman with a hat on

Black man astral travel oters with him 2019

IA person and animal bonze 2019 1

man with afro and glasses looking at us 2019 3

Orangey face with light 2019 5

Red yellor santa figure with child on his back 2019 1